Speakers Bureau

Jeff 3Tulsa Partners hosts and promotes a speakers bureau in conjunction with our collaborating partners to support our three core programs: the Disaster Resistant Business Council, Language & Culture Bank, and Millennium Center for Green and Safe Living, as well as other community initiatives. The Community Resilience Speakers Bureau seeks to spread available knowledge and make communities safer, better informed, and more connected through free speaking engagements and events.

MonnotThe Speakers Bureau relies on volunteers and representatives from partner organizations and governmental entities to share their knowledge and experience. These speakers, drawing on their own expertise, address important topics related to disaster preparedness, hazard mitigation, stormwater management, business continuity, disaster-resistant construction and environmental sustainability.

This program is a great opportunity for you to educate members of your organization or community and to create valuable connections with experts in a variety of fields. These passionate speakers are volunteering their time because they know the value of education and outreach, and want to work with you to create resilient, sustainable communities.Tim

Any organization can request a speaker or speakers from our Speakers Bureau. All you have to do is submit a short form shown below. If you cannot see the form, please follow this link: Request for Speaker Form. A representative from Tulsa Partners will get back to you within 4-5 business days.

For any questions about the program, please contact Executive Director Tim Lovell at tulsapartners@gmail.com or 918-632-0044.