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The Disaster Resilience Network, formerly Tulsa Partners, Inc., is a non-profit organization incorporated in December 2000. The organization is an outgrowth of the highly successful Tulsa Project Impact program and has an established track record for effectively developing partnerships with diverse entities, both public and private, leveraging those partnerships to develop high-impact community programs, and institutionalizing the programs within existing partner organizations.

The Vision of the Disaster Resilience Network:
We envision resilient communities prepared for disruptions and disasters, capable of recovering, adapting, and growing from the experience.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Disaster Resilience Network is to form partnerships between the public and private sectors that will facilitate the development of resilient communities through educating, mentoring, and advocating for the most effective ways to strengthen homes, schools, businesses, and communities against, and otherwise prepare for, disruptions and disasters, natural and man-made.


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Watch 2001 video on Tulsa’s Flood Story and the beginnings of Tulsa Partners, Inc. (Please be patient, it takes a while to download)

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